Semetipsum – it happens at Michele Satta’s.

Author-grade Sangiovese

The wine cellar of Michele Satta, one of the most renowned names in Bolgheri, Tuscany is the birthplace of the project called “Semetipsum” which is a latin expression meaning “himself-itself” or “just itself”, so an idea, an event, a wine.

The project had its inaugural evening this year – it witnessed the birth of an alliance of wine, music and art thanks to Michele Satta, renowned wine producer, Harold Budd, world-famous American pianist and Eraldo Bernocchi, renowned Italian electronic musician and experimenter.

The creation is completed by the image and wine label curated by video artist Petulia Mattioli who captured and immortalized high speed shots of the wine’s surface as it is perturbed by the frequencies of the music played at the opening. 

The official introduction to the project is penned by Marco Pierini, currently artistic director of the Civic Gallery in Modena and former head of the Centre For Contemporary Arts Santa Maria Della Scala in Siena.

250 magnum bottles of Sangiovese Vintage 2008, numbered and autographed, encased in a limited edition wooden box containing the introductory colour booklet and the audio CD documenting the live performance by Harold Budd and Eraldo Bernocchi, produced by UK label RareNoiseRecords.

Every year will see the release of a unique Opus together with a selection of the best grapes of a given variety of wine: Semetipsum – “just itself”.

Drink art, draw music, listen to wine

Nullus locus sine Genio by Marco Pierini

The contents of the chest you just opened are the realization of an original yet markedly anachronous project, as hinted by the name it carries: Semetipsum

Wine, Sound and Image are its constituent elements; the interaction between different crafts the method chosen; Discipline, fidelity to one’s convictions and willingness to engage its inspiring principles. Such principles are shared by all those who participated in this enterprise, all woven together into a friendly web of spiritual consonance, vibrations and affinities.   read all



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