What you are looking at is the account of a magical night: the distillate of unforgettable concert which happened the 15th July 2012 in Castagneto Carducci, and where the pianist Rita Marcotulli "chased after"- with an improvisation which was free from patterns, the  battery and percussion of Michael Anger; everything linked together with the chosen images  by Petulia Mattioli. They were  images ghostly flowing and climbing the wall behind the musicians and trees, a giant eye peering the musicians, fishes swimming in that original aquarium; bizarre creatures which were moving in harmony with the musical progression to create an hypnotic effect which was as liberating as unsettling as well. All this took place thanks to the hospitality and interaction with Michele Satta's Wine Cellar, for a wine tasting that satisfied taste, smell and touch, even before involving hearing and sight.

An artistic performance involving all human senses is the dream which has always fascinated musicians, painters, filmmakers and visual artists: semetipsum,  happily now in its third edition, testified by Magnum in a limited edition autographed  with the fine Syrah 2009 from Michele Satta' Cellar and the CD that documents the entire happening, goes even further, admirably embodying  what in the past was only envisioned, or even happily guessed, but never so fully accomplished: a total sensory dive that has happened, for three years and without apparent effort, between the barrels of Michele Satta's wine cellar, for nights where unique and unrepeatable musical improvisation is integrated with the similar Petulia Mattioli's video art, enriching and feeding (literally) the wine of Michele Satta's enological patient work.


The journey taken by Semetipsum is the witness of a "carnality" total and absolute, the more exciting because of its link to the music, which is the beating pulse of our lives and the more elusive between the arts. The result is an unique and irreplaceable event  for the audience. Once a year, and only for that night, a sort of small miracle takes place due to the wish by the artists to get involved outside canons, barriers and stylistic boundaries, in order to achieve, for example, that even the 'label of a wine may become a sensorial experience too, as well as the tasting of the same, parallel to the listening to the concert. The spectators were enrapted by interweaving sound  which were totally improvised  between Rita and Michele Rabbia, an improvisation where the pianist found the percussive soul of her instrument, while the percussionist created unusual melodies in a play of trade which was as refined and complex as to seem only generated through a telepathic bond between the musicians as well; musicians stimulated by the environment of the cellar, with the free running of the  images combined by Petulia Mattioli. It is to her, curator of the packages too, that we owe the idea to  write down the label using a thermal ink so that every time it would be touched, it will appear "different", according to the  heat of the hand of the user / acto which will reveal printed marks on it in different times and ways, depending on his won body temperature.

After 2010, when Harold Budd improvised at the piano with Eraldo Bernocchi, following the note of the cru Sangiovese 2008, and after last year, when Nils Petter Molvaer made a duet with his trumpet and a Viognier 2010,   always in the context created by the video by Petulia Mattioli, it is always her visual search that calls for further suggestions of bodies and environments, which are decontextualized from her visual search to hire new, hypnotic shapes and perceptive possibilities for an audience who is willing to become actors and so to embark on not only a spiritual journey, where the "semetipsum", the "own self" of each one can be transformed and change into aimages, notes, and the aftertaste of Syrah, creating a new and more playful (self-) awareness.

foto: Arnaud Bachelard