The label concept

We wished to create an artwork-wine that could be the symbol and visual  memory of these annual events and that in the time could form a “collection”. Every year we’ll produce a bottle format magnum of a special, unique and usually not commercially available selection of the best grape of a single variety: “right itself”.

The research work done by the video artist Petunia Mattioli, started from the study of Johannes Kepler on the motions of the stars in Music Publishing, Harmonices Mundi (1619), and come to amazing study of German physicist Ernst Chladni (1756-1827) who first theorized the science of acoustic.

The imagine of the label and photographes inside the booklet are the result of the experiment Mattioli made using wine and the sound. The sequence of photos capture the wonderful figures formed on the wine moved by the original sound frequencies of the concert of Budd and Bernocchi.

il vino e il suono.    guarda il video

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