Nils Petter Molvaer

Nils Petter Molvær (born September 18, 1960 in Sula Norway) is a Norwegian trumpet player composer and producer that connects multiple music styles - jazz, ambient house electronic and break beats and elements from hip hop rock and pop - and blends them into convincing soundscapes of deep intensity often eclectic Molvær style similar to the avant-garde trumpeter Toshinori Kondo His interest in both acoustic and electric music shows the ease with which he handles conventions pop rock and funk alongside modern jazz

Molvær finished his debut album as a leader in the 1997 Khmer focusing on a previously unknown blend of improvisation and hypnotically spinning beats received extraordinary public and media reaction and was honored with the German Record Critics Award and a NorwegianGrammy

Sequel to the Khmer released in May 2000 entitled Solid Ether Molvær intensified dialogue with club culture idea behind Solid Ether concept is that a piece of music never really finished and that composing and producing is a continuing process, "'Ether' is not so how can it be fixed? It is a paradox - like life "

Molvær NP3 album was released in 2002 sees him continuing the concepts developed by the Khmer and Solid Ether by putting the key factors together to combine contrasting structures a strong presence on NP3 is Molvær is soulful and creative use of new music manufacturing

Molvær last studio album (2005) called the ER record Contains a broad specter of musical expressions from the soft and sadproductions to the strong and powerful Molvær has taken a new direction with the ER even if soundscapes will be recognized from his previous releases, this time he has been given more creative space for programmers Knut Sævik DJ Strange Fruit Reidar Skaar and Jan Bang

He often works with guitarist Eivind Aarset.