2013 july 13th  9.30 pm

Michele Satta merlot

Rita Marcotulli piano

Luciano Biondini accordion

Petulia Mattioli a line of light - installation

Semetispum, Latin expression which literally means "own self", is a project, an event, a wine,

unpredictable meeting, that however must happen: It happens at Michele Satta’s.

For the fourth consecutive year Semetipsum happens again. With a novelty: a return, a great return, next to a new exclusive brand.

The novelty of what lasts, along with the news of what has never been seen before.

Rita Marcotulli, for her explicit desire, will be with us again with one of her beautiful piano improvisations together with Luciano Biondini, internationally known accordionist, in a duo now largely consolidated.

Michele Satta proposes an exclusive Merlot, 2011 vintage, unique specially selected for the event from the vineyard "Campastrello" and bottled as always in a limited edition of 200 Magnums.

Petulia Mattioli will be present this year with variously installed lights.

The intuition that is at the origin of this project, is revealed again although so wonderfully unexpected: to create an event, a place where "living men" meet, taking the freedom to be themselves, without any calculation, for free. The time, this element so precious to those who work the land and who know it is necessary to understand the reality in depth, revealing and growing not only something unique and extraordinarily beautiful, but a relation that grows and strengthens, in spite of all the crumbling. And the best is yet to come.

“The event Semetipsum,  born in 2010 from the collaboration of the great wine producer of Bolgheri Michele Satta with Eraldo Bernocchi, musician and experimenter, Petulia Mattioli, video artist, and the record company RareNoise Records of London, was attended by great artists who shared the passion for authentic music and wine.

The splendid Harold Budd that in 2010 improvised at his beautiful piano together with Eraldo Bernocchi, on the notes of an exclusive Cru Sangiovese 2008. The unforgettable Nils Petter Molvaer that in 2011, in the engaging atmosphere created by Petulia Mattioli’s videos, interpreted with his Trumpet the perceptions created by Viognier 2010, the amazing Rita Marcotulli at her piano played in a duo together with percussionist Michele Rabbia in 2012, while the images arising from the art of Petulia Mattioli conversed with the music and the exclusive Syrah 2009 gladdened the hearts.”

Even this year the Magnums will be packaged together with an artistic label, the presentation booklet and the CD of the concert recorded live and produced by Rare Noise Records in London.

At the concert it will be possible to purchase Semetipsum 2010, 2011 and 2012 and reserve the Semetipsum 2013 coming out in November.

Cantina Michele Satta

Loc. Casone Ugolino 23

57022 Castagneto Carducci (Li) – Italia


Luciano Biondini

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